Commissioned mosaic triptych

This commissioned mosaic triptych of deer on a hillside was created for a lovely couple from Hertfordshire. We met when they come to see my artwork first hand, while it was displayed as part of Cambridge Open Studios.

Taken with the wall hung mosaic work in particular, they approached me with their interest to commission a wall hung mosaic triptych. After an initial conversation and pointing out aspects of the artwork that they liked most, they mulled it over. The project was progressed through an invitation to visit them, to get a feel for the room, their home and what they wanted from the mosaic. This provided a good understanding of the nature of art work that would best compliment these considerations.

‚ÄúThank you for planning, … creating and presenting us with a most beautiful triptych. It is everything we hoped for and more … not only does it display your talent as an artist and sculptor but your ability to compliment other neighbouring features in the same room.  With renewed thanks.” Christopher and Anne Goddard.