The Artist

Artist Sarah Rintoul

As an artist, Sarah is motivated and inspired by life; the moments we connect with and learn from the world around us. Her experiences and interests are reflected in the themes of the gallery pages.

Sarah’s approach to producing art is creative and often involves an intuitive or spontaneous response to an experience or feeling. Other ideas develop from reflective consideration about thoughts, values, observations or realisations. This is coupled with an interest in the innovation and refinement of techniques, such as those for cast base mosaic and how to combine them with sculptural forms. These aspects of her approach result in the creation of art that is unique and evolving.

Site specific artwork is another interest that Sarah has. She enjoys interpreting a brief to engage an audience and enhance the experience of an outdoor environment or an indoor space. When doing so she is keen to create artwork that complements the intended use and resonates with the ambience or heritage of the site.

Sarah graduated in 1992 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and Design specialising in sculpture with a two year module in dramatic presentation. Prior to that she attended Cambridge College of Art and Technology to complete an Art Foundation Course studying sculpture, design and painting.